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70 Years - Dato Jegathesan Jagadeesan Jegasothy

Dato Jegathesan
On the 3rd of May 1944, in Selangor, Malaysia, Jegathesan Jegasothy came into this world, the 2nd child and 1st son of   Mr Jegasothy & Mrs Sellamah Nagalingam.

Known by many names, Brother/Dato/Uncle Jega, Appu, Papa, Jegathesan, Jagadeesan they all refer to the ONE who has had such a profound impact on the lives of many both in Malaysia and around the world, both in public, private and spiritual circles.

This is not meant to be a full biography, but attempts to distill a number of significant events in the life of Dato Jega about whom this blog is about. The purpose of this blog, put together by his children is to try and bring all the writing and videos about Dato Jega that exist across the net into one place.

Growing up with 3 sisters and a brother, the 5 'Pandavas' had a wonderful time together, and this has carried on through the years and the connections between the 5 remain as strong today as it was all those years ago.

His mother, Sellamah was a remarkable woman who brought up the Pandavas almost by herself (with help of close family) as she lost her husband in 1951, when Dato Jega was but 7 years old.

With Mother Sellamah Jegasothy
Dato Jega attended Victoria Institution, one of the top Schools in KL at the time and distinguished himself in many areas, in drama in particular, going on to be recognised as one of the 2 or 3 finest actors of his generation alongside the likes of Bosco D'Cruz,  Leslie Dawson and Faridah Merican.

Spurning chances to continue his education in his chosen field of Law overseas to allow him to stay in Bangsar with his mother, Dato Jega went on to do Economics at University Malaya, a move that would see him later shape the economic growth of Malaysia in the 70's and 80's.

Blessed with 2 Shakthi's in his life, Dato Jega first married Shanti, who was recalled to the Lord early, and is now married to Lalitha.

In Sai Baba, he found a divine father who would guide all the actions in his life, and providing the foundations of the Sathya Sai Baba organisation in Malaysia whose selfless service have enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands across the years.

His older children, Jegatheva and Anasuya were born in 1973 and 1974, with Sai Bhanu and Jegan coming in 1979 & 1981
Thaipusam with Theva & Anasu
Jegan's Birthday after Tuesday Bhajans
Daddy's girl Sai Bhanu

Then came Mirae with Radheya and Rahul, the next generation.

But always, always remember.... WHO DA MAN!

Dato Jegathesan...
The Father, The Son, The Family Man, The Friend, The Mentor --- THE MAN FOR ALL SEASONS!

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Various News Links From Around the World on Dato Jega

This post will hold news links from all over the world written by various people or news articles etc. on Dato Jega. To contribute more stories or links please write to

Sai Graduates Speech

Legacy of the Sathya Sai Avatar

The TICAD Agenda and African Challenge

Strategic Action Initiatives for Economic Development (Zambia)

Open Letter to All Malaysian Leaders of Sai centres 

The Ramala Centre Interview

Speech at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai 21st December 2001

Sai School Visit - Toronto Canada

English Bhajan Songs by Jegathesan (Soundcloud Billy Fong)
Disc 1 -
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Dawn of The New Millennium - A Sai Council of Malaysia Production (Songs by Jegathesan)

Dato Jega - Opportunities for Hindu businesses in Africa

Dato Jega speaks on opportunities for Hindu businesses in Africa. Published by the World Hindu Economic Forum.


Dato Jega Teaches the Gayathri Mantra

With thanks to the American Film Trust & Director/Cameraman/Editor: Gene Massey

Dato Jegathesan is an International Economic Consultant working with the United Nations to assist the governments of developing countries in expanding their economies. Dato Jegathesan also travels worldwide giving free seminars on the ancient scriptures called the Vedas.

In this 48-minute video recorded in Los Angeles in February of 2007, Jega teaches the proper understanding, pronunciation, and English translation of the Gayatri Mantra, one of the most sacred of all the Mantras found in the Vedas


Dato Jega @ Lenasia 2012

Dato Jega speaks @ Lenasia on the 3rd of Nov 2012. Much thanks to Priyal Sewbarun for uploading the video.


Dato Jega: Sai Convention 2012 - H.O.P.E

Dato Jega presents H.O.P.E (Honour Our Parents Everyday) at the 2012 Sai Convention






Dato Jega @ Edmonton Sai Centre (Apr 2013)

Dato Jega speaking at the Edmonton Sai Centre in 2013

Dato Jega - A Soul's Journey

This is from souljourns, as are the following words:

He is most candid and loving about the two greatest losses in his loss. First, as Jegathesan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was enroute home to his wife from visiting Sai Baba, he learned in an emergency phone call that his wife suddenly died. Soon thereafter he was forced to deal with the death of his son. Jegathesan talks his relationship with Sai Baba and how Baba's love and teachings helped him through this most difficult period.


Dato Jega in Hollywood

Sri Dato Jegathesan speaks on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at the Hollywood Sathya Sai Center and the enduring "Sai Legacy" that Swami has left us with to carry on with His Work.

The embedded file will not work due to privacy settings, click to watch it on Vimeo direct

Jegathesan Speaks on Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Hollywood from Saicast on Vimeo.

Dato Jega Interview with Lilou Mace (June 2013)

Dato Jega with Lilou Mace describing how from being sceptic to his rebirth with Sai Baba, interfaith and helping the poor


Dato Jega Speaks in Benoni (Nov 2012)

Dato' J Jegathesan of Malaysia in Benoni, South Africa 06 Nov 2012 on Sathya Sai Baba Legacy and Honouring our Parents Everyday